Classic Triumph Car Keys

Triumph, originally started as a part of the Triumph motorcycle company and later spun off, was essentially ended as an independent manufacturer by bankruptcy and the destruction of the factories during WWII. Purchased by the Standard Motor Company after the war, it outlived it's savior, when Standard was acquired by Leyland, and swept up in the great amalgamation of the British motor industry in the 60s and 70s. The last Triumphs were made in 1982. From the 60's through the 80's British cars all shared lock & key manufacturers. Original keys for these cars were usually supplied pre-cut from the manufacturer, already stamped with the code number. As a result, there were few original key blanks then, and they're next to non-existent now. We stock some original pre-cut keys, but we need the code numbers to match them. We do have a huge selection of aftermarket blanks, going back to well before World War II. Some key blanks we stock are no longer manufactured.

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