Classic Oldsmobile Keys

These are some of the OEM blanks we stock for Oldsmobile vehicles. All of the GM keys are based on Briggs & Stratton keyways so most of the changes are to the length & shape of the key.
Most GM cars made from 1935 through 1966 used the same ignition/door key and glovebox/trunk key. Original versions of these sell quickly, so we don't usually have many of them on hand. The originals had Briggs & Stratton stamped on one side; Commonly available replacements touted as "original" have the GM logo on both sides.
In 1969, GM changed over to the rectangular and oval key shapes that it used into the 1990's. We keep a good stock of the B&S key types, and always have a huge supply of aftermarket blanks for all years of GM products up through 1990.